Updating tables using forms out of office error validating user agent execution access

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Make sure that your cursor is in the field that you want to search on and then click the Find button.

The Find and Replace dialog box will appear as shown in Figure 3-07 in your book and you will be able to type in the value that you want to locate.

To perform this, click on the Replace Tab in the dialog box and put the Find and Replace values in the appropriate boxes.

Now you can use the Find Next button to move to the next record that contains that value and if you want, you can click on the Replace button to replace the value with the new one.

After creating the search and results pages, you create links on the results page to open the update page.

You then modify the links to pass the IDS of the records the user selects.

Before you can use the data object, your web application must be able to identify the record to update, and your update page must be able to retrieve it.

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When you are in form view, the Find button will be on the Form toolbar as shown in Figure 3-06 in your book.

The pages normally consist of a search page, a results page, and an update page.

The search and results page let users retrieve the record and the update page lets users modify the record.

There will be times that you will only want to see the records that match the criteria that you are searching for.

In this case, you can use the Filter option instead of the Find option.

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